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If you've learned anything about Super-Vee, you know that the patented Blade is the heart and sole of our trems. The frictionless, hyper-conduit design thrusts tone and sustain through every ounce of your guitar body.

We challenged ourselves to pioneer better ways to increase the "tone-to-body" connection and in doing so, we redesigned the Blade.  The former Blade, while performing very well, was only secured a short distance into the anchor plate and bridge plate.

What we wanted to do was make a solid connection between the guitar body and the tone block.  This new design allowed for a full-plate sized Blade that is not only part of the fastening system on the body, but also secured tightly to the tone block. 



The result was a big jump in tonal clarity with better sustain, on an overall more stable platform. The new Blade design is available now on all right-handed, nickel finish BladeRunner's (both 6-screw and 2-post models) but the new design will be migrated to gold and black models in the near future.



Maybe you have that good old Tele standing in the corner or you have been wishing for a Strat style tremolo function on the Tele platform of tones.  We just made it easier.

We are now offering a high quality, CNC routing service package that includes our one of a kind Maverick Tremolo with our V-Tone saddles.

You can choose two ways to go:

     1) You can send your entire guitar and we'll disassemble it, rout it and reassemble it along with a

         professional set up.  It'll be ready to play, right out of the box

     2) You can strip your Tele down to the bare body and we'll rout it and install the Maverick and it

         will save you about $100 over the "whole tamale" option.

Check the order page for more details or contact us via email or call during regular business hours (9 - 4 weekdays MST).






Our production run is complete and the new Maverick for the Telecaster is now available.  We've not only ported the "Blade" technology over to the Telecaster platform, we've also re-engineered the classic brass saddles so you get perfect intonation. Each saddle is registered to an individual string pair.

The Maverick uses a standard Fender style trem route and we've even developed a template routing system to make the routing job easier than ever. 


To see how easy it is, check out the instructional video we posted on YouTube. As always, contact us with any questions or feedback!



Many of our customers have asked us if we could sell our products on Amazon (Apparently an abundant supply of Amazon gift cards from Uncle Morty and Grandma Betty last Christmas :-)

We've recently added Amazon to our bandolier of outlets for your convenience.  We started with our standard 6-screw and 2-post BladeRunner's, but before long we'll have all of our products up there. You can save a couple bucks on shipping too.

Just search on Amazon for "Super-Vee BladeRunner"



Nashville was the perfect place for us to debut our new Maverick tremolo for the Telecaster.  There was very high interest as well as many offers of cash on the spot. This was the kind of reaction we had hoped for, pushing us closer to a production date for all you Tele feller's out there.

The options we're looking at are: offering the bridge by itself, offering the bridge with routing templates, and a package deal that includes the bridge with several colors of pre-routed Tele bodies that you can swap your neck and electronics over to without having to route your own Telecaster.  Feel free to email us feedback on those options!

The booth was great (the spinning Telecaster was a hit), the people were friendly and helpful. In the evenings, Broadway and 2nd street were filled with the sounds of live music from every tavern. We made some new friends and renewed friendships with old friends.

Looking forward to next year!



We've just completed the development and prototyping phase of the Maverick tremolo for Telecasters. It's an adaptation of BladeRunner and Super-Vee "Blade" technology, but designed as an OEM style Telecaster bridge. 

It uses the same tremolo route as a Strat so routing your Telecaster body is essential.  There are a variety of routing templates available from on-line retailers to make an easy job for you or your luthier and a few guitar part companies already sell pre-routed Telecaster bodies.



Super-Vee is also now offering Japanese made Tokai Telecasters with factory installed Maverick tremolos and set up perfectly by our head luthier. Call the shop for details!  Who else is leading the tremolo community like Super-Vee, eh?



Super-Vee artist, Chris Duarte, started his 6 month road tour to kick off his latest CD "My Soul Alone". One of the first dates was our very own Crystola Roadhouse in Super-Vee's backyard of Woodland Park, CO. The show was a rare experience of a well-seasoned, enthusiastic and transcendental blues talent. The new CD is chocked full of gutsy hooks and deep influences from Jimi to SRV filtered through Chris's truly original style.  You can see a clip from the show here featuring the title track.

Check Chris's website to see if he's playing near you.  If he's not, it's certainly worth the drive to see him...you won't be dissappointed.



Our latest convert to the BladeRunner is Glenn Proudfoot, the raging Aussie who has lit up the European rock circuit with his Prague based band "Prazsky Vyber" (Prague Select). When not on tour in Europe or his native Australia, he's in the studio recording or working for Guitar World Magazine as a contributing editor and producing Guitar World educational videos.

His popular "Bet You Can't Play This" videos on YouTube illustrate the phenominal talent this young man has cultured. After installing the BladeRunner in is signature Strat, he sent us a simple email that said:




As usually, we hear what you guys are saying…and as usual, we do our best to meet the needs of the Super-Vee community.  Starting at the end of January, we will be offering three new tone block designs to outfit your BladeRunner.  A short block to fit comfortably inside the thinner body Squiers and other thin body Strat clones (same standard Sustainium block), a solid bell quality brass tone block for traditionalists, and a carbon steel tone block.

The standard BladeRunner will retain our standard Sustainium tone block, but you'll be able to order your choice of tone block as a separate item and easily swap it out yourself.  We’ll also add the new tone blocks as part of the Custom Shop so your block selection will already be installed on your Custom Shop BladeRunner when it arrives to you.



Many among the Super-Vee family have asked to have a place where likeminded users could share ideas, tips and photos.  Yeah, there are tons of message boards out there…some filled with snobs and flamers who are quite comfortable making anonymous, confrontational banter.

And sure, the vast majority of message board users are there for a reason, there to get help or find some level of association and support. We decided the best way to bring the Super-Vee community together was to build a message board ourselves.


The link is on the left tab set on all of our web pages...it's there for you!



If you haven’t heard Chris Duarte, then you need to. Make your way to any one of his 11 epic blues albums including his latest “My Soul Alone” due out in February 2013 and imbibe in his passion and unique style that is all his own.

Chris had his humble beginnings in the fertile blues grounds of Central Texas, where he cut his teeth on a ’63 Strat. In Austin, Chris soon won a recording contract with Silvertone Records and released “Texas Sugar/Strat Magik” in 1994, and was named "Best New Talent" in Guitar Player Magazine and in the 1995 Reader's Poll, he finished fourth in the "Best Blues Guitarist" category behind Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy and B.B. King.

His music is only half the treat, to see him play live is a lesson in transcendence where Chris and his guitar blur into a singular entity, gushing raw emotion and fire breathing riffs.

Our recommendation: “Out in the Rain” on the album “Blue Velocity”

Welcome aboard Chris!



For those of you who have been battling a BladeRunner condition called "Tensioner-itis", we've developed a solution.  This has been a common problem for players who wind their bar off and on often, usually taking the guitar in and out of a hard case.  When the bar is wound back in, it grabs the tensioner as it should, but can turn the tensioner out the back of the block as the bar winds in.  Until now, the only real way to combat "Tensioner-itis" was to hold the tensioner with a screwdriver while turning the bar in...what a hassle, right?

Leave it to the mechanical geniuses that are our engineering team to develop an efficient and elegant solution to the problem.  The Ring Lock screws right into the block threads on top of the tensioner and acts like lock nut to keep it where you want it.  The kit comes with the Ring Lock, wrench and spare tensioner.  Oh, and by the way, all new BladeRunners have the Ring Lock pre-installed at the shop.


Thanks to all the feedback from our players across the planet...we listen!



Of all the guitar builders we respect (and would give Aunt Martha's teeth to work with), the genius of Grover Jackson is right at the top of the list.  His experience in the industry, sincere approach to instrument design, and attention to detail is second to none.

From the days as the guiding light and owner of the Charvel brand, to the partnership with Randy Rhoads in development of the revolutionary Concorde and the Jackson Brand, Grover has seen it all. 

GJ2 is a partnership between Grover and visionary Jon Gold, former Fender Senior Vice President. Together they are redefining quality and innovation that is greatly needed in today's climate of disposable imitations and foreign made knockoffs.

Super-Vee is proud to be part of the team with The Super-Vee BladeRunner as the OEM tremolo for the Arete 3-Star model.  With neck through design, GJ2 "Habanero" pickups, three gorgeous finishes, and heirloom quality construction, this will be a desirable instrument for generations to come.

Check out the GJ2 web page here!



What's new you ask?....The Super-Vee Custom Shop.

The Custom Shop is the first of its kind where you can build a BladeRunner trem exactly the way you like it.  Start with four different finishes including our new and quite original "Hot Rod" finish (no one else would dare do it), then select from a variety of components, including name brand saddles such as Graph Tech, Callaham, and Babicz.  Top it off with the bar that brings out the best in your playing, giving you the best recipe for making better music.  After all, isn't that what it's all about...that's what we think!


For the initial launch, there are over 40 different combinations you can create. For the future we will be adding additional options including shortened tone blocks for thinner body Strats as well as brass tone blocks for you dyed-in-the-wool fellers who have to crave a good piece of brass!

Keep an eye out, it's coming soon!



Super-Vee is open for business!

The wall of fire that assaulted the northwest part of Colorado Springs has gratefully been stopped by the amazing work of the city and all the first responders and volunteers. Only one fatality reported thus far and over 340 homes burned to the ground in an 18 hour time frame.  Even though we have many friends and family who have lost everything, the fire task teams made an astounding defensive block that undoubtedly saved many lives and additional structures.

Thanks to all our customers and friends for your patience and understanding as we gear back up and get back to doing what we do best!



The Super-Vee shop is part of the forced evacuation due to the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado Springs.  This photo was taken yesterday (6/25) about a 1/4 mile from the shop.

All orders will be shipped as quickly as humanly possible.  Look for the latest updates on our Facebook page (Super-Vee) or email us with any questions you may have. Thanks for all the support and kind words from our Super-Vee friends over the past few days.


We're honored to have as many repeat customers as we do (really). Once these six string slingers see the quality and innovation in our products, they come back for more. After much discussion around the shop, we've decided to give customers a leg up, right out of the gate, and help them get the most out of their trem equipped guitar.

Within days, we'll be launching our Tremolo Trifecta package. This is a BladeRunner of your choice, a Mag-Lok and a container of our killer Super Glide Nut Evolution.  Along with special pricing (SAVINGS!), you'll also get a free T-Shirt in the deal.  This package represents the best tremolo performance on the planet...if only Leo was here to see it :-)

Whammy On!


The Experience Hendrix Tour came through town and played our Pikes Peak Center. Through the pure benevolence and kindness of guitar tech extraordinaire and 3 Monkeys amps partner, Greg Howard, the Super-Vee team was treated to a rare night indeed.  We watched the show from stage left and exchanged ideas and stories with Eric Johnson, Brad Whitford, Dweezil Zappa and a host of others throughout the evening’s events.


This was not a typical band tour.  A sense of unification and brotherhood permeated the air, allowing everyone to be gracious and easy going. This gave way to performances that were top notch by all the Strat slingers and we did our level best to return the favor by bestowing as much Super-Vee swag to the performers and techs as possible.

If you can catch this show, you won’t be disappointed.




Yep, we came, we saw, we conquered.  NAMM was a monster success for Super-Vee this year - from the introduction of the Mag-Lok, to overwhelming interest in our Blade technology tremolos.  We met new friends and future partners and gave everyone that stopped by a peek into the future of tremolos.

Among the many noteables that stopped by were the editors of Guitar Player Magazine Art Thompson and Matt Blackett, blues phenom Eric Gales, Sheryl Crow’s front man and music director Peter Stroud and the hardest working guitar player in the business, Bruce Rickard from Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas.

Be sure to check out the demo video Eric Gales did with the BladeRunner and Mag-Lok at NAMM.  It's on our YouTube Channel:

Click Here



Yep, it's here...finally. What is the Mag-Lok you ask?  It's only the single most innovative advancement in tremolo technology...well...since the Super-Vee, BladeRunner or Super Glide.

The patented Mag-Lok is an anti-deflection device that will stabilize your tremolo for tuning stability, especially during double-stop bends. Yeah, there have been other products that pop up from time-to-time claiming a similar solution, but you had to have an engineering degree to install it, it looked like a Rube Goldberg device, and failed to deliver.

The Mag-Lok uses focused Rare Earth magnets to hold your trem stable when you perform fret board bends and keeps those unbent strings in perfect tune for crystal clear double-stop tones and harmonies (eliminates string sag). And just so you know, the focus of the magnets is 90 degrees to your pickups so it won't interfere with their performance in the least.

When you push or pull the whammy bar, the Mag-Lok is transparent. It releases effortlessly and silently, you'll never know it's even there.  Anyone can install it in about 5 minutes (except maybe for my mother) and once you use it, you'll never want to live without it.

You will never be afraid to float your trem again!



As long time traditional trem players, you know we’ve tried just about everything on the planet to keep strings from hanging up when returning from a good dive bomb.  We’ve scratched our heads for a long time on this. A few products sort of work, but they varnish, dry out or just make a mess. Problems like this are what get our juices flowing, so we took a look at what industrial manufacturing systems use on their machines that run 24 hours a day and generate millions of repetitions in a row - our formula is a culmination of this research.

Super Glide is the longest lasting, most efficient friction release product available for your trem nut. It’s a little sticky, so it stays where you put it, but under string pressure, it’s slicker than a pool ball on glass. The dual base elements in our proprietary “Glide” matrix will Evolve your nut surface topology, creating highly frictionless string action - the more you use it, the better it gets. It's non-toxic, can be safely used on bone, plastic, brass, or any type of nut material and will not harm your guitar finish.

Nailed it!



For 12 years, Peter Stroud has defined the electric guitar style of Sheryl Crow’s band and has recently become Sheryl’s musical director. Combine that with a heavy dose of touring with Sarah McLachlan, Don Henley, and the Dixie Chicks and you get a VERY seasoned professional with a dynamic ear for tone, precision, and quality. His studio work is undisputed and he's renowned as an "ace-in-the-hole" who can get up to speed quickly and hold his own in any musical setting. Here’s a recent post from his FaceBook page:

“…just installed a BladeRunner on my Strat. Absolutely killer. Great tone, feels real and stays in tune. I'm a fan.”

That’s from a guy with a golden ear and industry defining clout,…we’re blushing!



If you haven't heard of Eric Gales, well...you will. He's that ultra dynamic blues kid out of Memphis that has been sitting in on the Experience Hendrix Tour for a few years and breathing the fire of life through raw tone, gutsy licks and soul driven riffs (Hendrix incarnate, some say). He's grabbed ahold of the BladeRunner and won't let go..in fact, he won't use any other bridge. With no less than nine albums under his belt, he's touring the world and playing with the likes of Eric Johnson and other respected veterans.  Nevermind that he's a lefty playing that sweet right-handed St. Blues Strat upside down and strung backwards...he's a monster, ya'll.




Well, what can we say...perseverance is finally paying off. We pressed hard to hold the quality of the new Super-Vee double-locking systems to our standards, never letting go of the site that you, the dyed-in-the-wool whammy artists, deserve a quality piece of hardware...not another iteration of stamped out junk that has flooded the market.


Here's a look at the new stuff: The coveted drop-in design nut has been re-engineered to be lighter with enhanced neck/head contact, greater clamp margins for easier set up, and optimized for better string isolation.




The 3rd generation bridge design has been constructed from sonically selected materials and the saddles have been redesigned for better string management and improved contact for sustain and tone. There are also a couple of hidden changes we've made to create a much more harmonious design.


As always, follow us on Facebook. We've develeoped a very loyal Facebook following and the great folks there have been very helpful to new users as well as giving us insight and ideas to make our products better than any other trem systems out there. Take that, Floyd Rose!!!



(Whew!) Thanks to all who have patiently waited.  It's been brutal, but we are finally able to offer new BladeRunner products that pass our stringent quality requirements!  We are still tweaking the order page look, but don't let that deter you, it's working like a swiss watch.  We are certainly proud, and damn glad to finally offer the following new products that YOU, our customers, have requested:

     - BladeRunners in GOLD Finish

     - Left-Handed BladeRunners

     - BladeRunners with Factory Two-Post Mount

     - The New and Updated Super-Vee Locking System and Super-Vee Nut

     - Super-Vee Locking System with Factory Two-Post Mount

     - Plastic Tipped Whammy Bars



The BladeRunner reviews are rolling in faster than we can keep up (we must really be shaking things up) and as we knew to be the case, folks are impressed!  Click HERE to check out what professional critics are saying!




Michael has been working solo as well as countless collaborative musical projects for over 40 years.  He's a trem master and we couldn't think of anyone better to challenge the BladeRunner's performance and design (BTW, the BladeRunner knocked his socks off...as it will yours!)...no other OEM style trem comes close in tone, performance, and tuning stability!

Click on the image below to watch the video:

Not only is Michael completely hooked on the BladeRunner, he says he's never going back to stock...ever!  Being a dyed-in-the-wool traditionalist and not one to consider changing the esthetics of his guitar, we consider it a major compliment and couldn't be more pleased.

Michael is currently working with Yonrico Scott, drummer from The Derek Trucks Band and is partnered with Kim Stone from The Rippingtons in several ongoing projects.


We've been at this for a few years and even now, after thousands of Super-Vee's have been sold, some folks just don't understand what our patented Blade technology really is.

The patented Blade technology on the Super-Vee and the new BladeRunner is a flat, high quality, industrial grade, stainless steel spring blade mounted between the mount plate and the bridge plate. 

This is what flexes when you bend the whammy bar. The durability rating of this spring blade far exceeds what any hard-core, dive bomber can dish out - in fact, it will never weaken or wear out.  No more rocking the nose of the bridge against the body or against metal posts, this just creates wear and causes your tuning and intonation to drift...this makes your mojo wilt (unhappy face).

Here's a little home-grown video that illustrates the Blade action.  It's playing on a loop, but only a minute or so in length. Get your popcorn and Milk Duds ready:

See?  Amazing isn't it?...and so bloody simple!   Why nobody else figured this out is beyond us, but we're convinced this will change trem bridge design forever (happy face).  And we have the patent!!! (rubbing hands together like an evil genius).

The Blade, along with our tone engineered block is also what gives the Super-Vee and BladeRunner such desirable tone and sustain.  The Blade acts like a super-conduit, bonding the bridge and the body together in a unified harmonious confluence (nice big words, eh?)



Eric Johnson outfitted one of his Fender Signature Strats with a Super-Vee for the 2010 Experience Hendrix Tour.  Eric is a big proponent of the Super-Vee, and one of our early adopters.  When asked why he likes the Super-Vee, Eric said:

      "I like the Super-Vee system better than other locking tremolos because there are no   

       modifications and it seems to lose considerably less bass than other locking tremolos."

Cool, very cool!


Unlike mega-companies that are pounding out poorly made junk designed to separate you from your hard earned cash, only to leave you desperate, angry and confused when their snake oil promises don't come true...

We listen.

We've heard your wishes, your out cries, your desires and we have fulfilled them....at least for some of you (easy, ladies)

The BladeRunner is a non-locking vibrato with built in patented Super-Vee technology. This little brother of the Super-Vee will stomp your factory Strat bridge right into the dirt using zero friction movement, a positionable whammy bar, a tone engineered block, and priced for the working Joe. The cool thing is, it maintains the look and feel of a standard OEM style Fender bridge.

We used the same philosophy to build the BladeRunner as we did with the Super-Vee: "Innovate, test, and refine,..then kick the snot out of the competition!"

It performs and sounds better than any other non-locking tremolo bridge out there...really!


“One of the Top 10 Guitar Players in the World”

- Guitar Magazine

In his 40-plus years of playing the instrument, Carl has created a wildly successful, multi-faceted career. He is a critically-acclaimed musician with ten CD’s released worldwide and is commonly regarded as a guitar virtuoso capable of playing any style of music with remarkable mastery and conviction. He has been one of LA’s elite “first call” session players for the past 25 years, playing on hundreds of records, movie soundtracks and television shows. Carl has graced the pages of countless industry publications and been the subject of numerous articles chronicling his rise to the forefront of the modern day guitar scene. Carl has won numerous polls and musical honors in the US, Germany, France, Italy and the UK. Carl uses his Super-Vee in a variety of applications.  He recently said this about the Super-Vee:


                "The Super- Vee on a stock Fender strat is my go-to "stunt guitar" for anything that requires serious manipulation of the vibrato bar. It's much more musical than traditional locking nut systems and the tone is better, too. A true secret weapon in the studio!"

Yes, Carl, yes!


Mr. Beans...fighting for truth, justice, quality and innovation!

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