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The Vanguard in Tremolo System Innovations

Whether you call it a vibrato or a tremolo, our mission was to design the ultimate locking and non-locking system that would not require any destructive modifications to your guitar, increase performance and tuning stability, yet retain the classic Stratocaster look and feel. You can install the Super-Vee and BladeRunner yourself with just basic hand tools.

Here's a few technology insights into what has made the Super-Vee and BladeRunner the best, most highly engineered vibrato systems on the market today:
The Patented Super-Vee and BladeRunner "Blade" Technology
Both the Super-Vee and BladeRunner have a revolutionary and patented trem action know as "Blade" technology.

It's integrated so well you hardly know it's there, but it is extremely dependable in bringing your guitar back to perfect pitch every time - no matter how hard you bang on the whammy bar, even continual hard-core dive bombs! Watch our little video here to visually understand the way the Blade action works:



The key here is understanding that friction is the enemy of all vibratos and every other trem bridge uses some form of pivot point, including ball bearing pivots. Primarily due to friction and wear, all other trem systems tend to "stick" in the slightly wrong position and the "zero" point will continually drift over time. This results in relentless tuning instability and inconsistent action.

The patented Super-Vee and BladeRunner "Blade" design is made from industrial grade, high tensile strength, tempered steel. It's completely frictionless and provides super smooth action that will never degrade or wear out - guaranteed!


The Mag-Lok Anti-Deflection Device          
The ingenious design of the Mag-Lok is one of a kind.  Termed an “Anti-Deflection  Device”,  the Mag-Lok will keep your floating bridge from pulling forward when performing a fret board string bend or “double-stop” bend.  This pulling of the bridge, lightens the tension on the unbent strings causing them to slacken and subsequently go out of tune.

The Mag-Lok has been carefully engineered using Rare Earth magnets.  These magnets will hold the bridge from pulling forward when string bending force is applied, but will transparently break free when you use the whammy bar.  When pulling up on the bar, the Mag-Lok floats freely in the bracket.

Inside the Mag-Lok, between the magnets is a buffer pad.  This is a slim pad of material that cushions the transition between locked and unlocked.  The buffer can be replaced with a thicker or thinner pad or completely removed to accommodate your string gauge, tuning preferences or playing style.

Due to the engineered structure of the magnets, the power is directed in a linear pattern down the barrel of the Mag-Lok tube and does not emit a field upward to effect the pickups.

The Mag-Lok works on all tone block style tremolo systems including Floyd Rose.

The Patented Super-Vee Locking Nut
The Super-Vee two-piece locking nut set is machined from billet stainless steel with heavy nickel plating for a fantastic look and a user tested ergonomical shape to feel good against your hand. The nut drops into the existing Stratocaster nut slot with the string clamping component dropping in place behind, resting on the headstock face. The nut is designed to fit Stratocasters or Strat clones and can be set up for any radius. This unique and patented nut is engineered to allow the user to remove the string locking component to gain access to the truss rod without removing the nut. It also makes it very easy to "dial in" the nut with the string locking component out of the way during initial installation. The image below is our latest (3rd generation) design, it's lighter weight than our previous models with more neck contact, greater clamp-to-nut margins for easier set up, and optimized for string isolation .

The strings are clamped from the side, not from the top, maintaining a "natural" path for the strings. This eliminates any string deformation and tuning problems that occur with other downward locking systems



Features of the Super-Vee Locking System

Super-Vee Height Adjustable Saddles
No other locking trem system on the market today has height adjustable saddles combined with intonation adjust. This allows the string action to be set perfectly, regardless of neck radius. The geometry of the saddle has been carefully designed and thoroughly tested to prevent string damage and broken strings.

Super-Vee Rocker Arm Fine Tuners
The Super-Vee is designed to install strings from the top for easy access. Inside each rocker arm is a stainless steel slug that clamps the string over a large area, completely eliminating slippage and potential breakage. The end of the string extends beyond the clamp surface providing the ultimate in string "bite". There are no loose parts to fall out during string changes. The precision fine tuners provide a deep range to quickly and easily adjust to alternate tunings, like Drop-D.

Super-Vee and BladeRunner Tone Engineered Sustain Block
We tested every material we could to make the Super-Vee and BladeRunner sustain block generate the best dynamic range of tone with as much sustain as possible. Our proprietary formula provides the warmest tone and longest sustain on every Strat we tested. Super-Vee and BladeRunner owners have discovered this - even Eric Johnson agrees.

Additional features of the Super-Vee and BladeRunner

Built-in whammy bar tension adjust with damping so you can position the bar where you want it to stay


Super Glide Nut Evolution and Lubricant

We took a look at what industrial manufacturing systems use on their machines that run 24 hours a day and generate millions of repetitions in a row and our formula is a culmination of this research. Super Glide is the longest lasting, most efficient friction release product available for your trem nut.


It’s a little sticky, so it stays where you put it, but under string pressure, it’s slicker than a pool ball on glass. The dual base elements in our proprietary “Glide” matrix will evolve your nut surface topology, creating highly frictionless string action - the more you use it, the better it gets. Its non-toxic, can be safely used on bone, plastic, brass, or any type of nut material and will not harm your guitar finish.


Tensioner Ring Lock

The nylon bar tensioner was a true innovation, keeping the bar snug where you like it and not swinging about.  But for those who take their bar off and on a lot (like regularly taking the guitar in and out of a case), the tensioner would sort of start winding itself out.  We fixed that with the Ring Lock.  This will keep that wandering tensioner exactly where you want it.


The Ring Lock is easily removed with a 5/32" hex wrench, readily available in most guys tool box or at a hardware store for about fifty cents.  The Ring Lock must be removed before adjusting the tensioner.  Once you adjust the tensioner with a flat head screwdriver, screw the Ring Lock back on and away you go. 

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