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FAQs                                                                      Download the Locking Super-Vee System Installation Manual Here

What are the main differences between a Super-Vee™ and a Floyd Rose?
Unlike a Floyd Rose, you do not need to route your body or drill any holes in your guitar to install a Super-Vee vibrato. That means you can re-install your original hardware at any time. Second, the Super-Vee has both intonation and string height adjusters built into each saddle. You can now get perfect string action regardless of neck radius. No other locking vibrato on the market has this feature. Lastly, the fine tuners allow for quick adjustment but have sufficient range to allow for a drop D tuning at the flick of a finger.

Does the Super-Vee system work better than a Floyd Rose?

The Super-Vee stays in perfect tune even under extreme "dive-bombing." The bridge is easy to install and is engineered to provide years of maintenance free playing. With the patented "Blade" technology, there are no knife edges or metal on metal pivots to wear out. See our "How it Works" section to learn more about the patented blade pivot technology.

How does it keep the guitar in tune?
The Super-Vee is a double locking vibrato system which has had years of engineering and testing by guitar professionals. The patented frictionless pivot on the bridge returns back to zero every time. The design and materials used to clamp the strings at both the nut and the bridge end are extremely rigid and highly engineered. The strings just can’t slip out of tune, even during the most extreme divebomb maneuvers.

How do I know if the Super-Vee vibrato will fit my Strat®?
The Super-Vee has been carefully engineered to fit almost every Fender Stratocaster® ever built. This includes guitars manufactured in the US, Mexico and Japan. The Super-Vee locking system is a Uni-Mount design and fits standard 6-hole and 2-post mounting applications.  Our 3rd generation two-piece nut is a universal fit for any neck radius.

Will the Super-Vee fit other makes of guitars other than a Fender Strat®?
The Super-Vee will fit almost all Stratocaster clones and many custom built models. We have installed the locking nut on guitars with Warmoth necks, Fender Showmasters and G&L guitars. If it looks like a Strat we can probably hook you up with a Super-Vee system.

How about string changes, are they difficult or do I need buy special strings?
No special strings are required. You can use any string you want from any manufacturer. The strings are installed into the bridge from the top and lock with a turn of the rocker arm bolt. You just need to cut off the bullets or ferrels from the ends first.

Can I install the Super-Vee vibrato myself?
Yes, you can. A complete set of detailed instructions is included with the kit along with just about everything you need. You will need a few common hand tools. You can download the manual in advance from this website to see if it something you feel comfortable with. Otherwise, your local guitar shop will be happy to assist you with the installation for a small charge.

What about the Super-Vee warranty?
The Super-Vee and BladeRunner come with a 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked.  If the unit has been installed, we do charge a re-tooling fee. There is a 1-year limited warranty on all components with a lifetime warranty on the Blade.

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